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2012 Daily quotes: December

The higher you rise, the wider becomes the margin of your view.

Justice can never be developed while we judge others; the only way is by constantly judging ourselves.

Joy and sorrow are the light and shade of life; without light and shade no picture is clear.

The wise man submits to conditions when he is helpless, bowing to the will of God, but the evil that is avoidable he roots out without sparing one single moment or effort.

Enviable is he who loveth and asketh no return.

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2012 Daily quotes: November

Self stands as a wall between man and God.

It is a patient pursuit to bring water from the depth of the ground; one has to deal with much mud in digging before one reaches the water of life.

In man’s search for truth, the first lesson and the last is love. There must be no separation, no I am, and Thou art not. Until man has arrived at that selfless consciousness, he cannot know life and truth.

By the power of prayer man opens the door of the heart, in which God, the ever-forgiving, the all-merciful, abides.

To be really sorry for one’s errors is like opening the door of heaven.

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2012 Daily quotes: October

Each soul’s attainment is according to its evolution.

It always means that you must sacrifice something very dear to you when His call comes.

Renunciation is always for a purpose; it is to kindle the soul that nothing may hold it back from God; but when it is kindled, the life of renunciation is not necessary.

There are those who are like a lighted candle: they can light other candles, but the other candles must be of wax; if they are of steel, they cannot be lighted.

There is no greater scripture than nature, for nature is life itself.

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2012 Daily quotes: August

Understanding makes the trouble of life lighter to bear.

The same herb planted in various atmospheric conditions will vary in form accordingly, but will retain its characteristics.

Life is what it is; you cannot change it, but you can always change yourself.

Life is a continual series of experiences, one leading to the other, until the soul arrives at its destination.

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2012 Daily quotes: July

Man’s pride and satisfaction in what he knows limits the scope of his vision.

Man must first create peace in himself if he desires to see peace in the world; for lacking peace within, no effort of his can bring any result.

The knowledge of self is the essential knowledge; it gives knowledge of humanity. In the understanding of the human being lies that understanding of nature which reveals the law of creation.

While man blames another for causing him harm, the wise man first takes himself to task.

Whatever their faith, the wise have always been able to meet each other beyond those boundaries of external forms and conventions which are natural and necessary to human life, but which nonetheless separate humanity.

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2012 Daily quotes: June

Man’s bodily appetites take him away from his heart’s desires; his heart’s desires keep him away from the abode of his soul.

Words are but the shadows of thought and feelings.

The more elevated the soul, the broader the outlook.

The secret of a friend should be kept as one’s own secret; the fault of a friend one should hide as one’s own fault.

Forbearance, patience, and tolerance are the only conditions which keep two individual hearts united.

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