Highest Motorable Passes or Roads of the World

PositionName of AreaAltitudeLocation
1.Umlingla Pass5,883 Meters or
19,300 Feet
Ladakh, India
2.Road to Uturuncu5,777 Meters or
18,953 Feet
Potosi, Bolivia
3.Shipki La5,669 Meters or
18,599 Feet
Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh
4.Dungri La (Mana Pass)5,610 Meters or
18,406 Feet
Uttarakhand, India
5.Marsimek La or Marsimik La5,582 Meters or
18,314 Feet
Ladakh, India
6.Semo La5,565 Meters or
18,258 Feet
Central Tibet
7.Photi Lal5,524 Meters or
18,124 Feet
Ladakh, India
8.Dongkha La or Donkia La Pass5,486 Meters or
17,999 Feet
North Sikkim, India
9.Kaksang La5,438 Meters or
17,841 Feet
Ladakh, India
10.Suge La5,430 Meters or
17,815 Feet
West of Lhasa, Tibet
11.Chang La5,360 Meters or
17,586 Feet
Ladakh, India
12.Khardung La5,359 Meters or
17,582 Feet
Ladakh, India
13.Taglang La or Tanglang La5,328 Meters or
17,480 Feet
Ladakh, India
14.Wari La5,312 Meters or
17,428 Feet
Ladakh, India
15.Lachulung La or Lāchālūng La or Lungalacha La5,056 Meters or
16,588 Feet
Ladakh, India
16.Nakee La4,769 Meters or
15,547 Feet
Ladakh, India

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