Indian Parliament Vs British Parliament

Indian Parliamentarian British Parliamentarian
1 Election once in 5 years Election once in 5 years
2 Any number of times One can contest only twice
3 No problem with trial and conviction below 3 years No criminal case should be pending
4 Not necessary to reside in elected constituency Compulsory to reside in election constituency
5 Flexibility in attending Parliament and no penalty too Attendance to parliament must be above 90% out of 230 working days, penalised for not attending parliament
6 No fixed deadline, complainant left at the mercy of MPs office staff, officials Grievances are attended by fixed 30 days with token system
7 No accountability on spending on civic work. Details are never disclosed. Relatives of MPs handle the issue. Details of expenditure spent on civic work is displayed every week.
8 Government sponsors foreign tour & vehicles for family / staff No government vehicle for personal use or foreign visit
9 Indian MPs are exempted from Income Tax. Must pay Income Tax on salaries.

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