Wealthy Dog Goes on a Safari

A wealthy dog goes on a safari one day while chasing butterflies, he notices that a ferocious leopard is heading his way, with little time to react he notices a heap of bones lying on the ground, quickly without wasting time he sits down pretending to chew on them.

As the leopard is about to pounce he exclaims” boy that was one delicious leopard I hope there are some more around” upon hearing this the leopard halts in mid attack and runs for dear life.

Meanwhile a monkey is watching the proceedings and decides to follow the leopard and tell him about how he had been tricked, but the dog sees the monkey going after leopard and waits.

The monkey finally catches up with Leo and spills the beans, upon hearing this the leopard is furious” hop on my back monkey I will fix that good for nothing conniving dog”.

As the the pair is nearing the dog, he sits with his back to the approaching predator when they are within earshot the dog exclaims “where the hell is that monkey I sent him off an hour ago and he is still not back.”

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