One Solution for all Indian Problem

One Solution for all Indian Problem “Remove security of VIP’s or VVIP’s”

  1. Rape, if there is no security for VVIP’s or VIP’s only then they and their family members are required to live as common man, only then they will be interested to provide proper security to women.
  2. Traffic Problem/Accidental deaths, removing their security make them as vulnerable as the normal citizen, Only then they will update the road safety rules and infrastructure.
  3. Economic Turmoil, removing security will save lot of money being wasted and will help improving infrastructure and economy.
  4. Corrupt Politics, if their security is removed and they won’t have a VIP status symbol, only those interested in working for public interests will come forward.
  5. Social Security, all those police/ paramilitary personnel deputed in Security duty will be deputed in public security duty.

Benefits are countless, make sure we vote only those who accepts this.

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