Do you have answers ??

  1. Should you do the right things or should you do things right?
  2. Are eyebrows facial hair? No? Why not? It’s on your face.
  3. At a movie theater, which arm rest is yours?
  4. If an ambulance is on its way to save someone, and it runs someone over, does it stop to help them?
  5. In the word scent, is “S” silent or “C”?
  6. Why is it called a building when it’s already built?
  7. If people evolve from monkeys, why are monkeys still around?
  8. Do they have the word ‘dictionary’ in the dictionary?
  9. Why is there a ‘D’ in fridge, but not in refrigerator?
  10. Who knew what time it was when the first clock was made?
  11. If you drop soap on the floor, is the floor clean or the soap dirty?
  12. Who took the picture of the first camera? And how was it taken?
  13. Is sand called sand because it’s between sea and land?

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