Inspiring Quotes on Education

All of my friends who have
younger siblings who are going to
College or High School
My number one piece of advice is:
You should learn how to Program.
– Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, FaceBook

Technology is just a Tool.
In terms of getting the kids
working together and motivating them
the Teacher is the most important.
– Bill Gates, Co-Founder, MicroSoft

I always did something
I was a little not ready to do.
I think that’s How you Grow.
– Marissa Mayer, CEO, Yahoo

I know from my own education
that if I hadn’t encountered two or three
individuals that spent extra time with me,
I’,m sure I would have been in Jail.
– Steve Jobs, Co-Founder, Apple

You don’t have to be genius or
a visionary or even a
college graduate to be successful.
You just need a framework and a dream.
-Michael Dell, Founder & CEO, DELL

When my Mother took her turn to sit
in a gown at her graduation,
she thought she only had two career options:
Nursing and Teaching.
She raised me and my sister
to believe that we could do anything,
and we believed her.
-Sheryl Sandberg, COO, FaceBook

I have always respected
education, which is why
I actually went back
secretly and taught school
for eight years.
– Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder, Apple

When I was in college,
I wanted to be involved
in things that would
change the world.
– Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla Motors

You look at things you
enjoy in your life, but
much more important is
what you can do to make
the world a better place.
– Paul Allen, Co-Founder, MicroSoft

After high school, I
enrolled at the
University of Nebraska
at Lincoln, but I stayed
only a year and a half.
I felt college was a waste
of time; I wanted to start working.”
– Evan Williams, Co-Founder, Twitter

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