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Mom is Mom

At 6 Years  “Mommy, I love you.”
At 10 Years “Mom, whatever.”
At 16 Years “My mom is so annoying.”
At 18 Years “I wanna leave this house.”
At 25 Years “Mom, you were right.”
At 30 Years “I wanna go to Mom’s House.”
At 50 Years “I don’t wanna lose my Mom.”
At 70 Years “I would give up Everything for my Mom to be here with me.”

Share this if you appreciate & love you Mom whether she is here or not.

Do you know why MOM is Special…??

Do you know why MOM is Special…??

~When I came from the rain…

Bother asked :-
“Why don’t you take umbrella… ??”

Sister advised :-
“why Didn’t you wait till rain stopped… ??”

Dad angrily warned :-
“When you ll get cold, you ll realize …!!”


Mom, drying my hair SAID :
“Stupid Rain…!!! Couldn’t it wait till my child comes home…??”

That’s mom =)

Moral : Never hurt your mother and also never let her cry !

Always a Woman…

When i was born…,
A woman was there to hold me : A Mother…

I grew as a child…,
A woman was there to care for me and play with me : A Sister…

I went to school…,
A woman was there to help me learn : A T eacher…

I became depressed whenever i lost…,
A woman was there to offer a shoulder : A lover…

I need company…,compatibility & love
A great woman was there for me : A Wife…

I became tough…,
A woman was there to melt me : A Daughter…

When i die…,
A woman is here to absorb me inn : A Motherland…

like if women should be respected…

A Mothers Love

Your arms were always open
when I needed a hug.
Your Heart understood
When I needed a Friend.
Your gentle eye were stern
When I needed a lesson.
Your strength and love has guided me
and gave me wings to fly.