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A Student’s Sorrow

When I die,:(

place my chemistry book on my right hand,

Physics on my left hand,

Maths on my head….,

And Bio on my toes….,

tell my teachers not to CRY…..

Because they are the ones who made me to DIE…

Boy and Girl in Examination Hall

7 Things Girls do in an Exam Hall:

  • Write
  • Stuck Hair Behind Ears…
  • Again write…
  • Change the Empty Refill..
  • Again write
  • Ask for Extra Sheet..
  • Again Keep Writing..

7 things Boys do in an Exam Hall:

  • Count the No. of Girls
  • Check out the Young Lady Supervisor…
  • Counting How many Windows and Doors…
  • Revising the Location of Chits in the Pockets..
  • Seeing the Brand Name of a Pen..
  • Waiting for the Time, to Get Out of here..
  • Think to study Well atleast for Next Exam.

Six things boys and girls do in exam hall

  • Six things boys do in exam hall:
    1. Counting No of Girls..
    2. Sighting the Lady Superviser..
    3. Counting How Many Windows & Doors..
    4. Seeing the brand name of the pen..
    5. Feelings for wasting yesterday’s night by not studying..
    6. Think to study well atleast for next exam.
  • Six things girls do in exam hall:
    (whether they know or don’t know)

    1. Write
    2. Write
    3. Write
    4. Write
    5. Write
    6. Write

English translation

Sardar english ke paper main fail ho gaye,

He did translation:

  1. Main aam aadmi nahi hoon   >>>   I am not a mango man
  2. Sarda or garma fruit hain  >>>   Colda and hota are fruits
  3. Mujhey bhi english ati hai   >>>  English comes to me also
  4. Do aur do chaar   >>>   give and give four.
  5. Mera taluk hari pur hazara se hai   >>>  I belong to green pur thousanda  😉

Exams and Girlfriends are alike

Exams are like GIRL FRIENDS;

  1. Too Many Questions.
  2. Difficult to Understand.
  3. More Explanation is Needed.
  4. Result is always FAIL!