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I am a Software Engineer

About Me: I think I am changing the world, but I am not.  I think I am contributing the Indian economy, but I guess I am not. I think I love my work, but I do not.  I think I hate all people who made me earn my engineering degree, and I do.  I think I am living, but and more importantly, I am LOOKING FOR someone!!

Birthday:  The day my PL is aout to fire me.
Here for: Web browsing in company hours
Ethnicity: Programmer
Religion: I get holidays on all religious festivals, so I love all religions
Fashion: Ash my company HR. BTW, I like jeans, t-shirt and a cross-bag
Smoking: The second greatest pleasure on the earth
Drinking: The first is this
Living: Cummon, this is a stupid one. How can this be asked to a software engineer? Believe me I am living!!
Passions: Searching for the cheapest pub around, cursing my company, looking for another company, remembering my good old days, worrying about my future
Books: “101 ways to attract a girl”. Others censored

How To Write 4 In Between 5 ?

Newton Asked : How To Write 4 In Between 5 ?

Medicine students Said : Joke !

Science students Said : Impossible !

Management students Said : Not Found On The Internet

Engineering students Said: “F(IV)E”

Bookmark This If You’re Proud To Be An Engineer !!!

Measuring Skills

An Engineer, a Mathematician, and a Physicist were standing around the college flag pole when an English professor happened by. ‘What are you doing?’ he asked.

‘We need to know the height of the flag pole,’ explained the engineer, ‘and we’re discussing the various formulas we might use to calculate it.’

Student, the English professor proceeded to pull the pole from its fitting, laid it on the ground, borrowed a tape measure, and announced, ‘Twenty-four feet exactly.’ He put the pole back where it had been and walked away.

‘English professor!’ sneered the Mathematician. ‘We ask him for the height and he gives us the length.’

Heights of IT

  • HEIGHT OF ISOLATION: Two persons sitting side by side using emails to communicate with each other.
  • HEIGHT OF COWARDICE: Two persons fighting through emails.
  • HEIGHT OF HELPLESSNESS: Receiving no emails for a week.
  • HEIGHT OF FRUSTRATION: The email server being down.
  • HEIGHT OF CARELESSNESS: Writing a love mail and doing a ‘Send All.’
  • HEIGHT OF TIMEPASS: A person sending email to himself
  • HEIGHT OF EXPECTATION: Sending Indian cricket team an e-mail, wishing them to win a match
  • HEIGHT OF REPETITION: Forwarding an email to someone and receiving the same email forwarded back to you By some one in the receiving chain.
  • HEIGHT OF BROWSING: U r swimming in the water tank and shout ‘F1 F1 F1 ‘ instead of shouting ‘HELP’ when u are unable to swim…

Engineers & Car

The Car

There were three engineers in a car; an electrical engineer, a chemical engineer, and a Microsoft engineer.

Suddenly, the car stops running and they pull off to the side of the road wondering what could be wrong.

The electrical engineer suggests stripping down the electronics of the car and trying to trace where a fault may have occurred.

The chemical engineer, not knowing much about cars, suggests maybe the fuel is becoming emulsified and getting blocked somewhere.

The Microsoft engineer, not knowing much about anything, came up with a suggestion. “Why don’t we close all the windows, get out, get back in, and open all the windows and see if it works?”